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As a family-run medium-sized company, we have advocated reliability, innovation and quality for the past 40 years. Our partners appreciate our know-how and our on-time delivery reliability. In this way we achieve a WIN-WIN situation as each and every working relationship is considered to be unique and important. The requests of our customers serve as a yardstick of success.


We are proud to belong to the mid tier of the German economy since that also involves an obligation of responsibility towards our surroundings, our customers, our employees and the environment. In particular, with regard to the environment, we place our goals clearly higher than what is expected in our branch. In this way we save on resources – and costs.

POLYTEC Industrielackierung Weiden GmbH - Meerbodenreuth 33, D-92665 Altenstadt - Tel +49-9602-6380-0
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